Soil Testing on the Sunshine Coast

Site Investigations & Classification (Soil Testing)

Site Classification Reports (commonly known as a soiltest) are normally required before the construction of houses, extensions, buildings, large sheds, and structures such as bridges and walkways.

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Geotechnical Drilling and Sampling

Global Testing’s Geotechnical Testing is often required when investigating structures such as Pipelines, Roads and general drilling to confirm soil profiles and bearing capacities.

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Effluent Disposal Reports (Wastewater Design)

Effluent Disposal Reports (often referred to as wastewater design or percolation testing) is normally required if the allotment is in an unsewered area, and requires some form of on-site effluent disposal.

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Locally Owned & Operated

Soil Testing on the Sunshine Coast

Global Testing is a QBCC licensed soil testing company located on the Sunshine Coast, which specialises in Site Investigations and Effluent Disposal Investigations.

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