Effluent Disposal Reports or Wastewater Design in Brisbane & on the Sunshine Coast

Effluent Disposal Reports (sometimes referred to as wastewater design or percolation testing) is normally required if the allotment is in an unsewered area, and requires some form of on-site effluent disposal. A report may also be required on sites that have a ‘failing’ system or if extensions to an existing residence are being undertaken.

Borelogging and Percolation testing is undertaken in accordance with AS1547-2012 & The Plumbing & Wastewater Code in a proposed suitable location, based on local council rules and set-backs. After Testing, suitable systems are selected and discussed with the owner. These can range from Primary Quality Systems (e.g Septic Systems) to Advanced Secondary Systems (e.g Treatment Plants and Sand Filters). Lists of approved systems can be obtained from local council, or Global Testing can inform you of approved systems. We then discuss with the owners which form of irrigation method is permitted on the allotment, and which best suits their requirements. Irrigation areas can often be designed to incorporate gardens or lawn, and work in with landscaping plans the owners may have.

Reports are then issued, and submitted (by the client or builder) to the local council plumbing department, and upon approval, the client can then contact an authorized installer to install the system. All plumbing works must be undertaken by a suitably qualified installer. Once installation is complete, either the council or designer will inspect the constructed system, and issue the appropriate certificate (varies depending local council requirements).

You can be assured that when Global Testing visits your site, we will inform you of all available options, and try to incorporate the system within the clients landscaping ideas.